Friday, May 6, 2011

A lovely Thursday but sad too!

It was a fantastic day yesterday (Thursday).  I had a couple of hospital tests to go for and then walked along Concession Street, looking at the different shops.  Went into the Middle Eastern Shop and found some very familiar spices and flavours which I purchased.

The weather was unbelieveable - the sun was out and not too breezy.  People walking on the street had a look almost of joy as they strolled along rather than rushed to where they were going.  What a difference the sun can make to people's moods.

Today (Friday) we are back into the rain again.  I made it back in time for my two young friends.  It was our last time together for English conversation with Edilma as she will be going back to Spain shortly. Jeanette came over to say goodbye.  We all have exchanged Skype addresses so we can keep in touch via webcam.

I took plenty of pictures and are are a few of them.

Edilma and Jeanette

Jeanette and Edilma

Edilma and Wilma
Edilma loves my two cats so obviously we had to take some pictures for her to have when she returns.  I think they turned out pretty well.

Boots and Edilma

Tiger and Edilma

The two pals
What a lovely time we all had together.  We will keep in touch via webcam and Skype which makes it easier than saying "goodbye forever."

Thanks for reading my blog and have a good day.

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