Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time well spent at La Salle Park Waterfront Trail, Burlington, Ontario

My pal Jennifer picked me up at 1 p.m. and we went to LaSalle Park, Waterfront Trail in Burlington, Ontario.
My pal  Jennifer

Burlington is a smaller city than Hamilton and is a lovely place.  I had never been in LaSalle Park before so this was a great opportunity to see something else for a change.

As a snapshot of modern day Burlington, here is some information I got off the internet for your reading pleasure.

"The region of modern Burlington, Ontario, was deeded in 1978 to Chief Joseph Brant, and settlement subsequently began. Wellington Square and Port Nelson became incorporated into the Burlington settlement in 1874, and the communities thus became an official village. The Village of Burlington grew to town status in 1915 and city status in 1974."

As of 2006, Burlington had a population of 164,415.  It is located at the western end of Lake Ontario, only a few miles from the larger city Hamilton.

That gives a very brief glimpse of this lovely city, but if you are interested, please check out the internet for further details.

 We were most fortunate as it was a lovely day today, and both Jennifer and I were able to walk on this trail without our jackets on.  There were many benches along the way as we progressed on the trail.  The people we met were very friendly as well.

I thought this was such a typical picture of the birds in the area

There were so many places to sit and observe the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and we met several wonderful dogs who were taking their owners for a walk!

Jennifer and a lovely Collie

We just marveled in the friendly chipmunks and birds who seemed to have no fear of humans. 

A cute little chipmunk
I personally was amazed how friendly these little guys were and it was such a delight to see them.  I used to love to go to High Park in Toronto when the children were small as there were many chipmunks there as well.

Me - enjoying the walk

Here are some more shot which will give you a better idea of this wonderful trail.

I loved this picture as it showed a ship in the background plus a nice rock formation

Note the bridge for walking in the background

I took so many shots and will eventually put them on a CD.  Such a pleasure to be in an area where nature is so well preserved and in the company of such a good friend.

A cute little tugboat in the harbour- I wrote a poem about a tugboat a few months ago

Tugboats have always fascinated me, without them big ships could not manouvre into port.
Jennifer decided to take a profile shot of me without my glasses

A black Ontario Squirrel -

Ah what a grand afternoon we had together.  It  could not have been nicer weather.  As it happened, the forecast for the next day was for rain so we were indeed fortunate for this fantastic fall day which we could enjoy and at the same time, share with you, my dear readers.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog.

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