Tuesday, October 19, 2010

E.L.W. Thanksgiving potluck 2010

There was much to be thankful for on this spectacular fall day, the temperature moderate and the sun shining.  The ladies brought all kind of delectable goodies to add to the feast.  As usual, the Hostess Committee did a splendid job.  I took only a few shots of the desert table and neglected to take the main course! 

Desert anybody?

The desert table - filled with good German baking

The ladies in this church are fabulous cooks and bakers and the array of food would make any body's mouth water in anticipation.  Anybody who is a serious dieter, should definitely try and avoid this place!

In case you think that this group of ladies just like to have parties, let me tell you a little of the wonderful things that they do.  First and foremost, it is a group who live out their Christian faith by actions which include a short worship service, a business meeting and a fellowship time each month. They visit the sick whether  in hospital or homes, shut-ins, some so ill that they cannot leave their beds, and in general, try and make life better for all they come in contact with.  It is a very loving group and newcomers are always welcome.  Those who no longer can get out, are not forgotten by this wonderful group of women who send cards and greetings and from time to time, try and visit.

Not only that, they organize a Harvest Dinner to raise money to help others, they have a Christmas Mission Bazaar  to help support various groups who work with youth, natives and the socially disadvantaged people here in Hamilton as well as further afield.  They also contribute sandwiches for MacSOC several times a year.  This is an outreach programme for people who are homeless or are marginalized in some other way from mainstream society. 

For an example, a person who came to MacSOC passed away recently, and the ladies organized a reception after the funeral.  It was a great comfort to the husband and those who attended from this group.

Funeral receptions are handled by a small group of ladies within this group.

For Thanksgiving it was the ladies group who decorated in the church and for this particular Thanksgiving potluck, they also decorated the church hall.

At the front of the downstairs hall -  simple but tasteful decorations.

I could go on and on and name many other things that this group does, but I think you get the idea just by the little I have said.

This potluck was a wonderful afternoon of fellowship, good food, a very good talk by Pastor Frank and the singing in both English and German of Thanksgiving hymns. 

Truly, we in Canada have much to be thankful for to God.

Pastor Frank, bringing a short talk

Our President, Kathe

What a lovely afternoon spent with loving company where each person is valued for who they are.

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