Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Aviary, The trail and the lovely park

What a beautiful day it was again today.  Too nice to stay indoors.  I decided to go to Westdale and see the birds in the Aviary as it is open from 1-4 p.m. on Sundays year round.

My friend Jeff said he might ride his bike over there as well so I kept my eyes open for him.  I arrived later than anticipated (about 2:30-3 p.m.) as the buses to Westdale are really slow on Sunday!  It seems he went shortly after 1 p.m. and left after 2 sometime.

When it finally came  (5C) it was packed like a sardine tin.  The 51 does not run on Sunday.

The above are signs in the Aviary which is in Westdale.  It is free to go into and if one wishes, one can donate money for the upkeep of the birds.

It is run by volunteers who are there on Sunday to answer questions.

On most of the cages, there is a sign nearbye saying what the bird is.  It really is quite interesting to see and the birds seem quite contented.

All of the birds have nick names which is rather cute. 

There were quite a few different types of birds and I took many pictures of them but not all will be shown here.

All the birds seemed to be well cared for and were not afraid of people.  There were signs around warning people not to put their hands inside the cages as the birds will bite.  Small children on Daddy's shoulders, toddlers excitedly looking at the different birds, elders with canes - all very impressed by the wonderful birds and the sounds they made.  It is well worth a visit from those who live in  or visit Hamilton.

I sat out side to just listen to the birds and read my books for quite some time than went on the trail.

By the time I got on the trail, the sun was in a different stage than the pictures the other day so there will a little difference.  As usual, I met lots of very friendly people.

Shots taken on the same trail, but around 5 p.m.  Last one is from the little bridge.

All beautiful spots, further on the trail.  There were lots of people on the trail today and the little children were having great fun running here and there.  Dogs aplenty and all friendly. I met a lovely lady with a large dog who has cancer.  We talked for quite awhile and while we were talking, a deer came down the hill.  We tried to get near to get a shot, but he was too quick for us.  This time it was only one deer alone.

I shall finish off this little blog with a picture of a beautiful pink bird and the vegetable garden that is planted at the Aviary for the birds to get their fresh foods.  Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed your stay.

Oh, just another few shots after all, on the way back down Marion Street to get the bus back to downtown I took some shots.

A house I like - loved the blue door

Still blooming strong in spite of the date!

I have some friends living in here. 

The rooms are really large and I like it there very much plus there are balconies.

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