Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Memorial Party for Kerry Schooley

In spite of the damp and miserable weather, there was a very good turnout for his memorial party. I saw many familiar faces from the Arts Community.  Jeff, Jennifer T, Eleanore, Stella, Kay, Rhona, John T, Ellen, Bernadette, Jean, Susan, Eileen and even my dear Maureen came in all the way from Woodstock for this occasion.  I have not named everybody obviously from the Arts Community.

It was held at the Acclimation Bar on James N. at Mulberry which was a very good location.  Very cozy and very clean.  The staff were attentive as well. 

Kerry's wife Margaret and her son and daughters and their respectives mates and the grandchildren were there of course, plus so many others that I have not had the pleasure of meeting before.

Although it was a sad occasion, people spoke so fondly of Kerry that one felt that he was almost present by the love that was in that room.

May God comfort his family at this sad time.   There will be a memorial reading of Kerry's work some time in November but don't know when yet.

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