Saturday, October 23, 2010

A cozy look on a dull day

I really miss having a dining room as I did in Toronto.  It is difficult to find a proper space for a china cabinet and a dining room table within a sitting room area.  I keep switching things around hoping to find the perfect solution.

The day has turned somewhat dull, I had thought to go for a walk on the trail today but got busy at home with re-arranging things. 

The dull day
I wrote a poem on a grey November day which you may enjoy reading.  This was a few years back and I was looking out my window and the words just came.  I wrote it as a end rhyming poem which, as you know, is no longer in fashion.  I think most of us older people prefer end rhyming poems though, at least the ladies group that I go to does!

Since this is my blog, I will post my end rhyming poem!

A Grey November Day

I'm feeling some dismay
it's a grey November day

Howling winds assail my ears
almost bringing me to tears

Flags are flapping to and fro
it makes me shiver just to know

Freezing rain is on the way
oh what pain I feel

The park looks so barren
no flowers, not even Rose of Sharon

Tree branches are bare
only a very few escape the windy air

Squirrels scurry around looking for food
to put away for a long interlude

Humans walk faster through the park
even though it's not yet dark

Standing at my window looking out
it almost makes me pout!

It's a cold November day
so glad I'm not out today.


This poem may give you an indication of what late October/November weather feels like here in Canada.

Now back to more cozy things, I set up my dining room table to take some shots of my tea pot and tea glasses.

For those who have never travelled in the Middle East or parts of Africa, the tea ceremony is a natural part of life.  Tea glasses are used, some have handles, some do not.

I brought some back from Turkey and I will post a picture of one of them.  I have placed it on one of my crocheted doilies so that it will stand out more.

I bought a whole set while I was in Turkey and safeguarded them so carefully while I was on the long flight home to Canada.  However, over the years, things do get broken.  I spoke to Riad at Ray's Middle Eastern Foods in the Farmer's Market and as he was in the same situation with some of his  own glasses broken, he asked a friend to pick up two sets for him, one for his family and one for me. I was so very grateful for that. 

What a real treat for me to be able to serve my guests in this manner again.  Somehow it makes drinking tea so delightful!

A beautiful tea light holder - wonderful at night

Brass and blue tile vase filled with yellow roses

Part of the new tea set

I took some shots of the tea pot I brought back from Morrocco which I think is very beautiful.

Tea pot from Morrocco - bought in 1973 in Rabat

Close up of the artist's work
There is so much to be thankful for on a dull day.  One's home, one's family and friends and just being alive!

Have a great day.  Thanks for reading my blog. 

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