Monday, October 11, 2010

Kevin's visit

Today was Thanksgiving Monday so Kevin came over and we were going to go to Princess Point but it started to rain.

At that point, I suggested we go sightseeing on the No. 33 which was an hour long ride.  The Sanatorium bus goes along a very interesting route which includes Senic Drive in parts and has many interesting houses to see plus Chedoke Hospital, Idlewyse and St. Peter's.

The colours were changing and the view was lovely.  Kevin had his video camera with him but we did not stop long enough for him to take a video of the clouds unfortunately. That is his main interest right now.  At one point, we saw a lovely view of the downtown.

A nice way to spend time.  Aren't those passes good things, one can ride on the buses indefinately!

What a great way to get to know different routes.

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princess-anna said...

Hi Mom Sounds like you had a really good time with your friend and that you enjoyed going out and seeing the fall colours. Keep up the good work and enjoy life to the fullest