Friday, March 19, 2010

Poetry and other things

The poetry group liked it and made a few minor suggestions which I will take. Bernadette suggested that I gather all my children's poems together and make them into a book. She is such a lovely lady and she picked me up on her way from her job on the Mountain. Alvaro was not attending but he arranged this ride for me with Bernadette. How very thoughtful of both of them.

I do love writing for children and loved reading to them when I worked for the Toronto District School Board as a day care teacher. I really miss dealing with little people and miss the hugs I used to get! I have taken children's writing courses at George Brown but never felt that I could master it but perhaps I am now ready to do that, but with the poetry rather than short stories.

I loved working with the little ones at school. They were all my precious jewels! It was too much for me,health wise, at the end and I left the position.

Children are our hope for the world and it is such a responsibility being a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or mentor to a child.

Before I came to Hamilton, I was to start a volunteer job as a mentor to a Spanish speaking little girl. I would have liked that as I understand the culture quite well and speak the language somewhat! It was within the school system as well so I would have gotten to know some of the other children too.

However, things change sometimes from minute to minute and I had another stroke and came here to be near my son.

Now my son has moved to another city but I will stay here as I now have some fabulous friends and it is also quite easy to get to Toronto, Kitchener and even to Montreal from here.

Today is Widow and Widowers group, I hope more than the three of us turn up this time!

East Indian music tonight at a local place, I would love to go! I love the sitar and the music.

Wish Asma was here, we could go together!

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