Saturday, March 20, 2010

Indian sitar and drum evening

On Drums - Abdul Hai

Abdul did not want his picture taken due to modesty so I honoured his request. You will notice that the drums have covers on them to protect them. Abdul put some sort of white powder into these covers and dipped his hands in this powder from time to time in his performance.

I do not know the reason for this, but assume it may be to protect his hands which certainly take a beating during the performance!

A real sweet fellow, whose smile looked like an angel! This young fellow filled in at the last moment for Prem Tiwari. I have seen him perform at Central Library and he really puts his heart and soul into it! As both Abdul and Neeraj were out of the country and just returned, they did not have time to even practice together! It was amazing that these two artists were able to be in perfect accord.

Neeraj Prem, who entertained his audience with his lovely singing and his translation of the Hindi and Urdu songs, was a true performer. He was able to hold his audience spellbound.

I think he would not have minded to have his picture taken but I decided not to,after the young fellow requested that I didn't take pictures of him.

Neeraj and his family were there as well to enjoy the performance and his five year old son is already learning to play the sitar! This little fellow was as good as gold during the performance.

Tickets were $15.00 and part of those proceeds will go to St. Joe's Haiti Relief fund which is something which I am wholeheartedly in favour of.

My pals, Jeff and Mohammad sat together and we all totally enjoyed the evening!

Well worth the $15.00 especially since it will help others.


Jefferson said...

Hello Wilma,
You asked me to comment. The powder used was ordinary talcum powder. Its consistency acts as both protection and a (dry) lubricant on the drum heads.

It is not customary in N. Indian music to "practice." The musicians know the structure fundamental to each raga and work from there by watching and listening to each other. You may have noticed how carefully Abdul watched Neeraj for changes in the scales he used; Neeraj several times spoke an aside to Abdul to prepare him for major rhythm changes.

annaken said...

Hello Jefferson,

Thanks, I knew if I put that remark in you would be able to fill in my missing knowledge.

That will be very helpful to others who regularly read my blog.

I did enjoy myself last night very much and am glad to be enlightened on this matter.