Thursday, March 18, 2010

A gorgeous two days

Well, we certainly cannot complain about the wonderful weather we have had these last two days.

I hopped on the bus going up to the mountain yesterday and went to see my friend Rosie and we sat outside on her patio without a jacket! The sun was just lovely and several people came over and we all had a nice chat.

If it was not so far, I wouldn't mind living there. Nice sized rooms and I know quite a few people living on both sides of the complex.

It takes half an hour to get downtown from Stonechurch Rd though and the bus doesn't run that often, particularly on a Sunday. It would be a great place to live in the nicer weather but unless one drove, one could become very isolated. There are no sidewalks and I felt very uneasy walking next to cars speeding by! In the winter, the snow is really quite deep as well and is hard to pass through with a cane and impossible with a walker.

I do like the mountain area very much though. It is a different feeling up there all together.

Tonight, Bernadette will pick me up as Alvaro is not coming to our poetry group. I will bring my personification poem to see what the group thinks of it.

All in all, fantastic weather, so many people downtown because of March break and now Hart's Department store is open again so that is another nice thing which happened today.

I also treated myself to a light meal at Toby's, my favourite restaurant. At the same time, I gave Rosanne (a lovely lady who works there) her invitation for the jewellery party. She wanted to be informed and invited next time I had one. She will check her schedule and hopefully she won't be working that day.

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