Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday 2010

The three of us at home.
Andrew, Rahel and myself at home

Andrew, Rahel and Mohammad at my home.

Andrew and Rahel, the engaged couple. Wedding will be on the 10th of April and they have invited Mohammad to come as well which is very nice of them.

Charles, me and Mohammad.

Mohammad took a picture of me near the wonderful flower arrangement. I was wearing my Turkish shawl which I bought in Turkey about 30 years ago. Still good as new.

I just loved this look! The candles are very secure in glass holders which are difficult to see in this picture.

A shot taken from my seat near the back of the special cloths covering the backs of each pew.

I went to St. Paul's and it was the Pancake Luncheon and I had bought a ticket. The church looked absolutely gorgeous and I took a few shots of the Sanctuary. This church is one of the few churches in Canada who still retain this custom of putting the linen on the pews. It is a beautiful and meaningful custom, in my opinion. It unifies everybody in the congregation as if, they, too, are sitting enjoying the fellowship together of the eating of the bread and wine.

Much to my surprise, Mohammad came in half way through the service and I was very glad to see him. I had expected him to arrive just in time for the Pancake luncheon but he was able to get there sooner.

It was nice sitting with him and he was very respectful of everything which is how it should be.

My dear friend Asma also has come with me to St. Paul's once and it was a positive experience for her as well. It is a very welcoming church and the people are very friendly.

I was a little disappointed that my darling friends Carmen and Wally did not sit with us at the Pancake Luncheon as I wanted to be with them as well but they were in the Nursery. They really are great with children. Hopefully next time we can sit together.
We did have a little chat later on as they were leaving.
What a wonderful surprise I had when I spotted Andrew and Rahel at the Pancake luncheon! Andrew has been with me there once to see the Scottish Dancing group but he goes to the Baptist church normally. We all came back for herbal tea to my place and spent quite a wonderful time together just chatting. The two men, Andrew and Mohammad, had lots to talk about and Rahel and I chimed in as well.
After the young folk left, Mohammad and I went over to get some cleaning supplies for him as he didn't know what to buy. This living alone is a novel experience for him I think so I was glad to be able to assist in this small way.

We are already planning his balcony garden and will go and get the things to make it when the weather gets warmer. I can hardly wait for that. We both like mint so we will grow that, cherry tomatoes and flowers. He will buy some chairs and table for his balcony.

All in all, an absolutely fabulous and spiritually uplifting day spent with good friends.