Thursday, March 4, 2010

A beautiful and crisp day today

What a lovely sunny day it was today! It sure makes a person feel more chirpy when the sun is out!

I miss hearing birds though as I never hear them downtown. I see lots of pigeons though in Gore Park. Today, there was even a man sitting there and enjoying the sunlight.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for me as it is the World Day of Prayer and I am one of the organizers.

I had a little chat with Mayor Fred today in the mall and asked him point blank if he was coming, but unfortunately, he will not have time as it will be a busy day for him tomorrow. He then asked me to go next door and speak to the secretary for the Aldermen.

She was nice enough to send them an e-mail to remind them of our invitation.

It would be a pleasant surprise to see them there.

I invited several people that I knew in the mall and they will attend.

I am sure that it will go well tomorrow and I hope it will be well attended. When I was the guest speaker two years ago, we had 90 people turn up which is pretty good on a work day.

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