Saturday, March 13, 2010

Irish Pub Night at St. Paul's

Striped shirt, Anita, beside her Bibi
Anita took this picture so I could be in it.

The dancers again, having a ball!

The music was so good that some people got up to dance.

My darling Carmen, a joy to be with!

Part of our table

A small section of our table.

Dick, sporting his St. Paddy's day earrings. One gold and the other green. He was a very good sport to do that and we all had a good laugh.

What an absolutely grand time we all had! First of all, I had invited a group of friends from outside to join in on this wonderful programme and they all came and enjoyed it tremendously. They want to be informed next time there is any special event at St. Paul's, so I will do that.
Second of all, St. Paul's is a church family and one need never worry about too much drinking or rowdiness. One can be oneself and have a great time!

Some of our regular group were not available for that evening but Anita invited three people I had not met before and it was a pleasure to meet them.
Each long table had a green plastic shamrock tablecloth, with peanuts and trail mix on it for nibbles. There were Irish shamrocks hung in different places in St. Andrews Hall which made it look very festive.

Wine could be bought as well as pizza and sausage rolls. Tea and coffee, soft drinks and bottled water plus deserts were all included in the very reasonable $10.00 entrance fee.

Dick, a newcomer to our group, knew Mohammad which was great. He also plays bridge and this is how they know each other. Dick turned out to be lots of fun, even getting up to dance!

I particularly loved his newly acquired shamrock earrings! See picture. He is a real card and a good addition to the group.

The band was absolutely fabulous, they were from Brantford and play there regularly. They told "clean" jokes and had the audience roaring! Their music was so great as well, playing old favourites and things we could sing along to. I took several pictures of the band but they were too dark unfortunately. I asked them for a business card, but they only play together and don't seem to perform anywhere else except in Brantford.
I was thinking of asking them to play for my next party if they were not too expensive.

It ended at 11:30 and Mohammad walked me home. I worry about him now as he was attacked coming home late one evening and shoved. Thankfully he was able to keep his balance or otherwise, that person may have stomped on him.
I certainly will plan to go next year if this same band comes to St. Paul's again!

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