Thursday, March 11, 2010

I priced some Swarovski crystal earrings in the mall

$125.00 plus tax. Mine are just as well made and beautiful and I sure charge a lot less than that!

I had looked at a lovely Swarovski necklace with five crystals on it a few months back and they wanted $300.00 for it.

It is an eye opener to me what people will pay for lovely jewellery.

I had planned to go to the waterfront on the Aberdeen bus, but when I went outside it was just too cold with the north wind blowing so I went to the mall and to the market.

I had a nice chat with two of the merchants and I saw Olga as she was working her one day a week. She was busy so I just said hi and walked on.

There was a little problem in the mall and the police were there as well as the security guards and it seemed that the problem was with a lady in a scooter. I wonder what it was....

On the way towards the exit, I bumped into Leny and we had a nice little chat. She is such a grand lady.

All in all, a nice afternoon chatting with a dear friend on the phone and bumping into people I know in the mall!

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