Monday, March 15, 2010

I decided to have another jewellery party

I am getting excited about this now. I love having fun and the last one was so successful thanks to the hard work of all those who participated!

I have to try and book the party room and then send out invitations. It will not be as large this time as borrowing all those chairs from St. John's was a real hardship for Hosea although he never complained.

My plan is, as usual, to give 10% of what I make to help developmentally challenged people.

I now have a children's line as well as an adult line.

I love to plan a party!

An update since I wrote this this morning. I now have the party room for april 18th so it is all systems go for the party now. So far, I have invited 20 people and now am limited to only a few more due to lack of chairs.

I am trying to invite different people that I didn't have the space for last party.

Need to plan the food list and the entertainment schedule, then everything will be in order except for the day when it will be really busy getting the room set up.


怎麼做才好 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

annaken said...

Thank you very much for reading my blog and leaving a comment. What part of the world are you in?