Saturday, March 20, 2010

One of my published poems

I had forgotten I had submitted this poem to a community newspaper several years ago. I had such a good laugh when I read it as I still feel that I am not winning in this particular fight.

I had even forgotten I had written it in a moment of sincere doubt that I could ever master the computer. Happily, I am a little better at the computer now but still have a long way to go!

Here is the poem:

A love/hate relationship!

I have a love/hate relationship
Not with a person but a machine
This monster drives me round the bend
Can you guess which machine I mean?

It has a screen within a frame
A button on its front panel
It's home is on my desk
A friend and yet a foe!

Many times the gremlin inside
Waits to spring a big surprise
On a poor non-techy such as I
Who lives in hope that e-mails will arrive.

Some days I win,
some days I don't
I vow to keep at it until I die
For sure it's a fight I must win
If I want to keep up with
the latest things.

Oh computer dear, why not
let me win?
When will you learn that
I'm in charge?
For better or worse, we're
stuck together
You in your frame and me
on my desk chair!

(C)copyright Wilma Seville 2006

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