Sunday, July 26, 2009

Port Dover trip

Our roaring campfire at Cindy's cottage!
The Mexican connection bundled up against the chill, with her Canadian husband not feeling the wind or chill! At Cindy's cottage.

A small segment of our group in the hotel dining room

A Mexican/Canadian lady at the beach in Port Dover!

Carmen, her hair covered by her Mexican shawl, shelters with her darling husband Wally, under the handy black umbrella!

The before shot - picnicing at Port Dover!

We had a wonderful time, my friends and I. We were able to enjoy our delicious picnic lunch with the sandwiches and coffee. However, as coffee was being drank, the rain started!

Fortunately, we were sheltered under a lovely old tree and this saved us from becoming totally soaked. Happily, also we had umbrellas with us. One was a new one for me as a birthday present from Carmen and Wally.

They had seen this great umbrella up in Trois Rivere which was of cats. Needless to say, I love it!

Actually, it was a golden opportunity to take a picture of Carmen and Wally sheltering under their umbrella at the picnic table! We should send it to her Mom in Mexico and label it "Picnic time in Canada!"

It does seem that summer has not yet arrived. Mind you, saw some people swimming and surfing on the beach there after the rain lifted so the water may not have been as cold as it looked!

After our little picnic we decided to drive over to the beach area and sit and watch the waves crash against the breakers. I loved that part. As a child, I used to love being in my little rowboat and steer my boat into the waves of the big ships on the St. Laurence River.

Time was running out, so we headed to the the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in town where we saw a very good play called The Outlaw. Norm Foster was the playwright and also acted in it.

I really enjoyed this one as there were less swear words in it, and it also showed the rough justice which prevailed at that time in the States. I have been to another one of his plays in years gone by, but preferred this one.

After the play, our group went to the hotel for a scrumptious dinner. I have always found the service there as well as the food excellent. The dining room was filled and our group had a special room all set up for us.

One of our friends, Cindy, had invited us up to her cottage which was close by on Lake Erie and so we drove there. We had a camp fire, smores, and the most wonderful tea biscuits I have ever tasted!

It was late by the time we got home, but well worth it, as it was a fabulous day. This whole day was my birthday treat from Carmen and Wally and they could not have chosen a nicer treat!

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