Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A lovely afternoon with Martha

Martha and Jason, her daughter's bulldog! For some reason, he took to me and we became good buddies.
Martha and Angel, her lovely little dog!

Martha, Jen and Nancy on the back porch!

Had a splendid time at my friend Martha's place. Her daughter Jen and her sister Nancy came as well and we enjoyed a nice lunch on the back porch! Her daughter and family are away so she had the whole place to herself. There is a hot tub, swimming pool, and trampoline as well in the backyard. If I only had remembered that, I sould have brought my swimming suit and gone in both of them!

I missed the stop and had to walk back but this place is easier for me to find than the one she had before.

One takes any Deleware bus at Main and McNabb and then gets off at Myrtle Park and walks forward. One sees the Jehovah's Witness church on the left side and Sanford is right there.

Much easier to find. She seems very happy there as well and I am glad as she is with her family.

I like it too!

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