Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Black Forest Inn

My friend Jennifer and our very friendly waitress!
One of the waitresses took this picture of Jennifer and I. Note her lovely elephant necklace. I redesigned it and made it into a different necklace! She loved it.

My friend Jennifer invited me to dine with her at the Black Forest Inn on King Street. It is one of my favourite places to go here in Hamilton.

As it happens, Rosie and Trudy were there as well which was so nice.

We had a delicious meal and there was enough to bring a doggie bag home! We decided to walk over to Arts Hamilton since we were parked near bye and it was a good job that we did.

Apparently they were trying to get in touch with me as I had to pick up the 3 packages of short stories to judge. It is a lot of reading and I try very hard to be fair so I have my work cut out for me for the next few days.

Tambu, Jennifer and I had a nice chat and we enjoyed our time there. There were no sales of any of the jewellery of any of the jewellery artists but they are thinking of putting one of the students outside with a table and displaying it that way.

I found out that Tambu writes romantic stories so I should like to read them. In Zimbabwye she was a journalist. After we left there, we went to Denningers and then to No Frills. Jennifer is so kind to take me there as it means a chance for me to get some groceries without lugging them on the bus.

The rain was quite heavy, but in spite of that, we had a good time!


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