Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reconnecting with an old friend

How amazing, through Facebook and another friend's page, I came across an old friend I had not seen or heard from in ten years!

At first I was not sure if it was the same person, as she has long, long hair now and when I knew her, she was very young and had short hair. It was a picture of her with a young man as well so I could not be sure. At that time when I knew her, she was unmarried and living with her parents.

Imagine my happiness to learn that it was indeed the same young lady and we have now established a reconnection. She also is a poet and also makes jewellery!

We always had a lot in common, but somehow we lost our connection before I left Toronto. We just were not travelling in the same circles anymore.

I am so delighted to be back in touch with her.

She is a delightful young lady and a very good poet as well.

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