Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, a day of rest?

We had a guest preacher at St. Paul's today. I thought he was quite interesting as he talked about the work of the church and the work of social service groups such as the Masons and the Kiiwanas. He asked us to think about the similarities and what makes the church different from those groups. I could hear every word he said which was nice for a change.

I liked his style as well, as he was not dressed in robes but rather dressed in a casual way - very fitting for the hot weather and no air conditioning!

I went home after chatting with some dear friends there and designed a pair of earring with Swarovski crystals. It was such a beautiful day that I decided to go down to the waterfront after my job was done and enjoy a couple of hours sitting by the water.

What a real blessing it is to have the shuttle bus to Pier 8! I sat and read for about two hours, watched and heard the water, listened to other folk as they interacted and in general enjoyed the coolness of being beside the water.

The sky was threatening and I was getting quite cold so decided to go back on the Shuttlebus.

I remember that Jeanette had invited me to a worship service at the Freeway where she would be speaking and so took the No. 1 bus to it.

She is a natural before the Mic, and I liked how she kept her message simple and down to earth. I thought it was very appropriate for the gathering of people that frequent the Freeway. It is a place where students, developmentally challenged folk, people with mental health issues, and just about anybody would feel comfortable in.

Jeanette is an intelligent young lady and uses that intelligence to not talk down to people but to get to their respective levels, which is a high compliment from me!

After the service, waited for the bus forever it seemed. Sunday service is not the best here in Hamilton but at least they run!

All in all, a fruitful day.

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