Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An afternoon at Whitehern

Two sweet little angels dancing up a storm!
Jeff started off the dancing with his arms, then they graduated to dancing on their feet!

Dancers from our table. Jeff and Grace. The music was so infectious that their feet started tapping!

As is usual, a group of us met at Whitehern Historical House for an afternoon of beautiful music and snacks in the back yard. Whitehern's Concerts are from 12-2 and are free. One can buy lemonade or tea for $1.00 and have as many refills as one wants.

It was a lovely day - not too hot, not too cool. At several points during the concert, the weather looked threatening but fortunately it held off very nicely. City Hall construction workers were busy doing their job which created a fair amount of noise, but we could do nothing about that.

We had three new people come to our group from my side, Ed, Carmelita and James. Anita, from her Y group brought three ladies as well. It is always good to welcome new people to the group.
Carmelita, Ed and I went to the Freeway Seniors Group after that while two others of our group went to a jazz concert somewhere. It was great to see Ed walking about so well. He is amazing! His knee surgery and his recuperation went extremely well.

All in all, beautiful music and a good time in the garden.
At the Freeway Cafe, a few more people turned up and the group is slowly growing. Jeanette had a good suggestion that we enter a contest whereby we take pictures (from a disposal camera) and then pick out our best picture to enter into a contest. The cameras and developing are free. There will be a exhibit of various seniors/youth pictures and a ceremony at some point.
It sounds like fun so Jeanette will arrange it. I plan to use Boots and Tiger as part of my picture taking - Boots, especially, has a very photogenic look to him!
In two weeks time, we are going to Gage Park as a group which also should be fun. I suggested that we go down by the shuttle bus another time to enjoy the waterfront as we will be meeting over the summer months. This idea was well received.
Speaking of the waterfront, the Whitehern Group would like to do another picnic like we did last year so I will organize it.
Carmelita and Ed drove me home which was really nice of them. Ed never seems to mind driving me and Carmelita is a darling. They suit each other so well, as they both are "giving" people. We get along really, really well and I am very comfortable with both of them.
Ah speaking of organizing, I have written the article on me as requested by the editor of Monkeybiz. Jeannette suggested me as the first senior to be featured in their new section. I don't see what is so interesting about me, but I wrote it in the third person and tried to make it interesting.
I checked out with the editor (through Jeanette) about some of the fine print on their site and am now satisifed, so I did the article as requested.
I hope people will find it interesting enough and it does not send them to sleep!


Jeanette said...

Wilma -
There is SO much that is interesting about you! You are full of wisdom, and I'm so glad to read your frequent reflections - I can't wait for your story to be posted on Monkeybiz :-)


annaken said...

Wow, thanks for those kind words Jeanette! I have a male friend who told me that I know nothing or words to that effect. I hope he was joking but if he wasn't, then he is past tense in my book!

Thanks, also, for reading my blog!