Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day-Anna and Bill visiting

Whitehern's concert in the garden was extremely well attended this time as it also was Open House so people could tour the inside of this historic house for free or a small donation.
Whitehern is one of my favourite places in Hamilton and I attend as many functions there as I am able to.
My daughter and her husband came down for the day from Kitchener and we attended the jazz concert at Whitehern. Other friends were there as well which gave me the opportunity to introduce Anna and Billy to them.
After Whitehern we went back home and Anna rested for a few hours and felt better. Billy and I were going to Gage Park but the bus took forever so we ended up going to Princess Point where we took the little train. Billy enjoyed that so much!
We got totally soaked on the way home but nevertheless, it was a splendid time we had. I was also able to teach Anna how to make earings and she really enjoyed making them. She wore her own hand made earings home!
All in all, a good day.
Now for more reflections on the blessings of living in Canada. In my opinion, we need to be more patriotic, we understate ourselves rather than boast about our country.
That is the Canadian people though.
Our system of government is not without fault and it is my belief that things could perhaps be run more efficiently. However, we are a democratic country and we make the choices that are available to us by voting.
Our poor at least can go to a food bank although that is mostly tins of food and dried things. In my opinion, it would be a good plan to teach the young mothers how to make food which is nutritious but economical so that the youngsters would have a solid foundation of food to study on.
We could learn from other countries, particularly the developing countries, how to do this.
Yes, there is poverty in Canada for various reasons but on the whole, Canadians are very generous people who try and help in emergency situations in the world as well as at home.

We are not a war-like people, but we do defend ourselves when necessary. I think of our soldiers serving across the world. May God keep them safe. I also think of the innocent citizens of the countries who are occupied now.

I hope and pray that peace may come one day to this troubled world and that mankinds may finally learn to live together in harmony!

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Kate's Blog said...

Happy Canada Day Wilma
Some great thoughtful comments that made me reflect. I had Canada Day off from the hospital and I always enjoy it spending time with my family. We are very blessed to live in this great country. I have not seen you at church lately. Hope to see you soon. I love blogging and love reading your blog when I can.
Take Care
Kathy Fruck