Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip up to Limeridge Mall

Today I went up to the mountain (actually not a real high mountain!) to Limeridge Mall. I haven't been there for ages and as I had an offer of free batteries, I decided to go up.

While I was there, I checked out the high end jewellery stores to see what their prices are. This mall is probably the nicest mall in Hamilton. It is similar to Yorkdale in Toronto with Sears and the Bay in it.

It has two stories and many, many different stores.

I only needed to buy some bandaids which I did and then came home.

I just loved the Swarovski Store there. One day I may treat myself to a beautiful ornament which is of a brillant blue and orange coloured birds. It is very expensive but I just love it.

The lady at that store was a very nice person and we had a lovely chat. She explained that the Swarovski crystals are layers all throughout the crystal and that is why they are so special. Other companies only use two or three layers and so they do not sparkle as much as the Swarovski crystals do.

Everything in the shop comes from Austria where the factory is. They have their own designers and I must say, they do a gorgeous job!

It was an interesting time for me to see all the fine work.

My jewellery that I make is lovely as well, but I still have to learn to work with metal and to solder which I may eventually do.

A nice day at the mall. The weather is great as well, not too hot with a little breeze.

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