Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A working weekend

I am so glad that the short stories are all judged and turned in to Arts Hamilton. It was interesting enough but very time consuming.

This is my third year of being on the Committee to judge other people's work. It is my least favourite thing to do as I know how much work goes into writing a story and how each author wants to win.

I take my time in order to be fair to each person. Usually each story is read by two people independently and judged independently. If the person has been picked as number one in that envelope, their story is put in with other number 1 stories of all the other envelopes. Each envelope can contain between 7-10 stories.

The final stage is the person who has been chosen by the Committee to make the decision of who the winner of the short story contest should be.

Of course, all this is blind judging, none of us knew who the authors were which makes it more fair.

While I was at Arts Hamilton turning in my assessments of the 7 envelopes I had to read, I asked how my jewellery sales were going and was told that I had sold 3 necklaces.

I am quite delighted about that as it shows me that people like my work.

That pleases me very much.

All in all, a good day.

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