Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A wonderful day spent at Center Island

A tiny section of Center Island - near the bridge
My two pals posing at a wonderful old tree.

Me, among the greenery at Center Island

Center Island Ferry

My pals, Nasima and Feeza - old friends from Toronto

Two of my pals, whom I have know for many years, met me yesterday when I went by Go Bus to Toronto. We have been planning this for some time and we finally got it done!

The weather was great up until 4 p.m. when the sky opened and buckets of rain fell.

We had a lovely picnic lunch which the girls brought and staff were giving out lots of little treats so we also had them which was very nice. We bought coffee and all in all, had a lovely conversation and we decided to take the tour along the islands. For $4.00 for seniors it was very worth it!

It was a 35 minute ride and went through the islands. I haven't seen Hanlan's Point for years and years, in fact, since Kenny was a small boy. Another friend and her son had come with us and the son took Kenny's little sailboat and floated it out too far and we could not get it back.

He was so upset. However, "Before you call, I will answer" came true and the next day Sister Camillia came with a sail boat for Kenny which was even nicer than the one he had before.Sister Camillia had no idea about the missing boat at all. God is good and does answer prayers.

Going in familiar places brings back so many memories. I saw the spot where Anna, Billy, Ken and myself had our first picnic on the day I introduced Billy to Anna. I had checked him out before hand and found him to be a decent person and so he was allowed to meet her. They have been married since 1988 and have a better life together than what they had alone.

I saw the area where Kenny was stung by a bee which also brought back memories, not good ones.

So many people came over to Center Island as it was one of the first nice days since it opened after the strike.

A wonderful day! The girls went with me to the Go Station and saw me off which was very nice.

We plan to do it next year as well, God willing. I can walk down from the Go Transit to the Ferry Docks so it only costs me the $9.o0 return Seniors ticket.

Such a delightful time, being with two dear, dear friends.

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