Sunday, August 23, 2009

A visit from my good friends from Toronto

A really nice picture of Sonia!

Margie & Rene - on the little train. We all loved the train.

A fine feathered friend!

At the Discovery Center - Sonia and her pal!

The birthday cake - it was delicious!

Rene and Marg

Sonia with the statue at Pier 8.

August 23/09

The weather was threatening but after trying for more than three weeks to get together for a picnic here in Hamilton, we all decided we would do it no matter what!

Rene, Sonia and Margie arrived at 1 p.m. and we decided to go where there was shelter which was Pier 8. We were lucky and got one of the three picnic tables under the awning near the cruise boat.

We have known each other for about 35 years now, if not more, and are very comfortable together. Sonia and Rene and their three children are from El Salvador originally. I met them when I was taken to their place by a Central American friend Rosa Maria, as they were having some difficulties and I was very involved, at that time, with refugee work. They are a wonderful couple, solid and dependable people whom I am proud to call "friend".

Sonia and Rene brought Chinese Food and a birthday cake for me so we finally got to celebrate my birthday.

After our picnic, we put everything in the car and took the little train around the whole waterfront. They just loved that. Even Margaret was impressed and enjoyed it. She is originally from Denmark and has celebrated her 89th birthday. In January, God Willing, we all will celebrate her 90th!

I took lots of pictures and will have some printed out for Margaret as well as send them via computer to Rene and Sonia. Eunice was ill so she could not come, unfortunately. She would have loved to have come and really was looking forward to it, but alas, she has some kind of bug and could not come.

All in all, a terrific day! Still have to look at my birthday presents which they so kindly brought for me.

How spoiled I am!

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