Thursday, August 13, 2009

A delightful afternoon spent with a young friend

Designing women, that is what we are! For those who remember that T.V. programme, this sentence will bring back memories!

My young friend came back to my place after the Whitehern concert and we had a lovely time designing a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed having her here.

She chose some lovely beads and was very exact in how she designed her jewellery. I was really impressed with her dedication to "getting it right" and her choice of colours.

She also enjoyed opera music and being with the cats. I think I will adopt her as my "Granddaughter"....

I don't have any grandchildren and I would be proud to have her as a Granddaughter! That word alone is an interesting word, isn't it? Grand daughter - it says it all...

When one is raising children; especially by oneself, there are so many responsibilities, but when one is a grandparent, one can lighten up and just enjoy! An enviable position!

I hope that she would like to come again some time. I will also show her how to do crochet and also wire work on jewellery eventually.

I taught my daughter how to do those things and she also is enjoying these activities so why not my adopted Granddaughter?

What a blessing to be around young people. I know the cats were glad she was there also as they got played with and patted and they were very content.

Thank you, young lady, for your lovely company and the fun afternoon.

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