Friday, August 14, 2009

The Widow/Widowers Group picnic at Gage Park

This little waterfall is inside the Greenhouse.
Wild roses - a thing of beauty. In Quebec they grew on country lanes and I am so glad to see them here in Hamilton as well.

My tree and I - I love trees and they will be here long after I am gone!

Some of the lovely roses at Gage Park.

Jen, James, Jeff, Carol and Gordon. Picture taken by me.
I am happy to say that it went very well and we had a nice variety of food. Everybody was very congenial and seemed to have a good time.

After we had our picnic lunch, we cleared it all away and then some of us went for a walk to see the flowers and also to the greenhouse. It was beastly hot in the greenhouse so we had to leave there.
Jeff picked me up and brought me home, right to my back door which was a huge help as I had two bundle buggies to carry all the picnic stuff.
He reminded me that it is also the Dundas Cactus Festival this weekend so perhaps I may go on
Saturday or Sunday afternoon.


WEF said...

There's a series of "mystery" books written by Isaac Asimov called the Black Widowers. It's a social club (all men, I'm afraid) who go to a dinner every month and invite a guest who has a small mystery to solve (ie where can you find the cross of Lorraine on a highway? Exxon gas symbol)

annaken said...

Hi Wally,

That series sound quite interesting to me. Do you have a copy I can borrow sometime?

I can just visualize this group of fellows You know me, I love a good intrigue!