Friday, August 28, 2009

A day well spent in Kitchener

Another view from their lovely balcony.
A street view from their balcony.

Bill on his new balcony. It has a lovely view of a wooded area and is extremely quiet.

The dining area - set for a light supper. Their balcony runs the whole length of the sitting room/dining room. She will be able to grow plants and vegetables on it next year.
Their dining area.

A small section of the dining/living room. Anna resting on her big chair.

Had a lovely drive via Canada Coach to the bus terminal in Kitchener. My son-in-law Bill met me and brought me to their new place.

It was only a 7 minute drive on the city bus from the bus terminal and we caught the bus right away. Otherwise we would have had to wait 1/2 hour for the next bus.

Once they learn the bus schedule, they will know how to time themselves.

I loved the new area, lots of trees, three shopping centers, Central Library but the best part was their new apartment.

It is a low rise one, two buildings, A & B. Very clean, very quiet and has elevators and they have a huge balcony! I would not mind living there myself as it has lots of cupboards and closets.

We got to work immediately and started the unpacking and arranging things and by the time I got the 6:30 bus back to Hamilton, the apartment was beginning to shape up quite well.

I cooked supper for them and did up the dishes before Billy took me back downtown. He will pick me up for several more trips until I get used to the area.

All, in all, I am so thankful to God for their new environment and new beginnings.

I am one happy Mother!

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