Thursday, August 6, 2009

A funeral today

Today was a day to remember a good man who lived his life as son, husband, father, uncle, brother, business leader and staunch churchman.

Mr. Clifford John Whittington was born September 2, 1919 and lived until July 31, 2009. A good long life and time well spent on this earth.

His nephew spoke at length of his fond memories of his uncle, as a mentor for him. Others spoke of the kindness and respect he showed to all people who came in contact with him.

Mr. Congran, a former minister at St. Paul's, spoke movingly about his dealings with Cliff and Jessie, his wife.

Dorothy, Cliff's sister, who is well over 94, was able to attend and sat in a wheelchair near her daughter and daughter's husband. There were several generations of the family there, from the very elderly, middle aged and down to a young boy who sat so nicely in the front row.

The funeral was held at Marlatt Funeral Home on Main Street. It was a very nice atmosphere there and the chapel was lovely. The staff could not have been nicer.

Cliff was taken to the Hamilton Cementary to be buried after the service.

Although he and Jessie, has had to live their remaining years in a retirement long term care place far from Hamilton, so many people turned up out of love and respect for him that it was heart warming.

It was a pleasure to have known Cliff and now he has gone "home" to be with God.

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