Thursday, May 23, 2013

The last few days

Instead of getting stronger every day, I seem to be going downhill.  For the first two or three days after the operation, I was full of energy.  Not that I moved mountains, joke, joke, but I could do little things around the apartment.

My friend Mary came from Toronto on Saturday as I already mentioned before and we had a great time.  I was well enough that she didn't need to stay overnight as originally planned.

From Monday onward, I started to feel weak but am in no pain.  Just weak and very, very tired.  I went to the Mother and Daughter event at St. John's but felt so tired that I left right after the speaker and came home.  It was all I could do walking home. I had just missed the No. 2 bus and so had to walk which in itself normally would be just fine.  The other buses on that route run every half hour.

I have rested the rest of the week, watching t.v., reading a novel, and sitting downstairs for a short period of time just to get some air.

I think I will call the ICD clinic today to find out if this is normal.  I go there on Monday as it is and they will take off the remaining bandages I think.

I am missing so many nice things right now.  Had a lovely invitation to go away for a retreat to Sauble Beach for the weekend with the gals, another dear friend invited me to go to a day retreat on the Saturday and on the Sunday, I have an invitation to go to a conservation area with a poet friend of mine which I sure hope I can do.  He is not too well either so we probably will just sit around there and as both of us love being in nature, it will be such a nice time.

Speaking of poetry and writing, still haven't done any of that for such a long time.  I hope that I can start again.  I love to write as I find it very fulfilling.

Tonight at the Club, there will be a live band and dancing which is unusual. The dancing is the unusual point here.  Henry plays jazz every Thursday night for Martini Night.   I will try and stay for sme of it.  I won't dance, of course, but I will enjoy watching others do it.

I am also considering strongly going to the Spanish night at the Club - dinner and Spanish music.

In the summer months things slow down everywhere so everything is happening now.

My friend Mary is considering coming out again as she doesn't like the sound of my extreme tiredness. She is a true friend.  We have been close for 40 years - going through many trials and tribulations and also many good times together.  What a blessing to have such a good friend.  I am so blessed with friends.  I thank God for every one of them.

Thanks for dropping by.  I have been invited to read some of my poetry in June in the country so need to get that organized.  I must ask if there is a theme to it.

Have a great day!

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