Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An interesting day

Darts picked me up  to take me to the foot doctor.  I schedule an appointment every three months and this has worked out just fine.  I like Chris very much.

I found out from him that the Podiatrist and a Chiropodist is the same, Chiropodist is more the English word for it and Podiatrist is the American word.  They essentially do the same work.

Somebody had asked me so now I know and will tell them.  There was no trouble at all in picking me up at the front door this time, thankfully.  Chris and I always have a lot to talk about and I always enjoy seeing him plus he does a good job on my feet.

The ride home was easy and again no problem with off loading me.  My address may get blacklisted for DARTS though as it is a dangerous area with all those buses sitting there.  I have no idea how we can solved this problem as I do need them from time to time for doctor's appointments and difficult to reach places.  I like the drivers as well and they do a wonderful service.

There are so many good points about living downtown but pick up and drop off is not one of them.

It may be that the drivers will have to come in our back entrance but then they will have a difficult time to find it as there is no address on it!  Complications, complications, complications!

After that, I went over to the mall to meet a new friend Daniel.  He is from Hong Kong originally and has been here for forty years. We have been corresponding for quite some time.  He lives in Burlington and is a little younger than me but that doesn't matter as we are just going to be friends.  It is always nice to have more friends and we have some things in common.  He offered to buy me something to eat but I said no thanks as I was not hungry nor thirsty so I suggested we just walk around the mall and sit on the benches and chat.

I learned a lot about China from him and the Chinese way of life.  It was very interesting.  He is a grandfather and a proud father of 3 children who have all been educated and lead good and positive lifestyles.

He offered to drop me off at my home, but I said that I could walk so we parted.  Him to get his car in the parking garage and me to go home.  I think that we may become good friends in the future as we had plenty to talk about and in fact, talked for two hours.

Alas for me, I had not realized that it was pouring rain outside and so just walking that short distance got me totally soaked to my skin.  Even my purse was soaking!

Needless to say, I was glad to get out of those clothes and into something warm and dry.  Brr. Brr. Brr.....

Daniel gave me his business card which was nice of him and took my e-mail address and phone number and he said next time we meet,he will take me out to lunch.

I spent a cozy evening at home, just thankful that I was indoors and not out there in the rain.  The lightening and thunder woke me up several times during the night but thankfully I was able to get back to sleep again.

All in all, an interesting day for me.


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