Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I went to St. Paul's this morning and after the service the minister came over and chatted with me about the upcoming operation.  That was very nice of him.  Carmen and Wally also came over after the service and we chatted for about half an hour as I did not have the time to go down for coffee hour as I was being picked up for a Mother's Day lunch at Sweet Lemon Grass restaurant which I think was in Ancaster.

It was very pleasant.  I had that wonderful fried banana for dessert which was the highlight of the meal for me.

After that we drove over to Walmart in Ancaster. I have never been in that one and in fact, haven't been in Walmart's for years and years.

I did get a few groceries while I was there which was a big help to me.

All in all, a  very pleasant way to spend Mother's Day.

Thanks for dropping by.

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