Monday, May 20, 2013

Mary's visit

She was able to catch an earlier bus so arrived before 11 a.m. which was fine with me.

She and Joe had just come back from Cuba just before my party and had brought me back some cute gifts.Unfortunately, she came back ill and thus was not able to be the clown for the party.  It took her a few weeks before she was back to herselfr.

We had fun looking at the gifts and then I suggested we go out for a walk which we did.  We had such a fine time of it, poking around the little shops of James North, going to the Harvest Moon for a late lunch, going to Edouardos for some good underwear and then going to the Giant Tiger where she purchased some things and I purchased some frozen food.  I had forgotten that they had all kind of groceries there.

After resting, we decided to go for a hike a Princess Point where we took lots of pictures and spend several hours there.

She got the 8:30 bus back to Toronto.  |We had a wonderful time together.

On the way back from Princess Point, we saw Ken on the No. 6 bus so he came and chatted with us for awhile.  She had not seen him for about 8 years.

All in all, a fantastic day with a dear old friend.

Thanks for dropping by.

A lovely view at Princess Point


Mary and I in my building

\Another nice view

We spent a lovely day together and she plans to come again in the summer with Joe at some point.  That should be nice.

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