Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Devastating news

I just heard that Tim Bosma has been murdered.  This young husband and father, who lived in Ancaster which is part of Hamilton, has been found dead.

The Hamilton police have one suspect in custody but there are others involved too.

All for a truck for sale.

For those who may not have heard of this situation, he had a truck he wanted to sell and placed it on an on-line page on Kiji (spelling?).  Two male persons came to test drive it and they went for a spin with him and Tim was never seen again.  This was more than a week ago.

The police have done a super job, all the churches have announced it from the pulpits that he was missing, and the media and the social media have posted about it.

The community here in Hamilton and all over responded so well.  Social media can be a tool for good, especially in cases like this.

Now we can only hope that the other person or persons will be caught and that real justice will take place.

My condolences to his whole family.  From what I have heard and seen, he was a good young man, caring for his family and a good son.

This indeed is devastating news not only for the family but also for the community and the ability to trust a stranger and go with them in a car.  People will think twice and three times about that.

What is happening to Canada - have we lost our moral guidance?  From leaving our doors unlocked in a gentler time to now being afraid to trust a stranger.

As an older person, I look back to times when relatives lived near each other, went to church together, went to the same schools and neighbours knew each other. If children were seen doing something naughty, neighbours would reprimand them or tell their parents.  Children would think twice about doing naughty things as you can imagine knowing that they would be caught.

Canada is still a good country but has become more and more secular shutting God out.  This is not a good sign of things to come, in my opinion.

The young man who has been arrested came from a well-to-do family with every advantage.  Nobody knows yet who the other man was, but he will be found and brought to justice even if it takes years to find him.

Please pray for Tim's family and friends as they go through these devastating times and try and continue to live their lives which has been so altered by this evil deed.

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