Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

The weather was quite cool and slightly overcast but in spite of that, quite a few people came to the annual Mother's Day tea.  As usual, my job was to pour coffee, tea, herbal tea and juice.

The bake table was laden down with wonderful German baking include tortes, homemade bread, and many other delicacies.  The Plant table was the first thing people headed to when the doors opened and I saw one man take out boxes and boxes of lovely plants for his garden.

We had chicken schnitzel on a large bun  for sale for $6.00 and it was very, very filling.

One could also purchase individual slices of the different cakes on sale.

It was also a bottomless cup of coffee, tea or juice for $1.00 if you did not want to have the lunch.  If you had the lunch, the coffee was included.

A very good deal!

The crowd was not as dense as usual but it was still enough people to make it worthwhile as putting this event on is a huge amount of effort and time invested.

Quite a few of my friends came and I was able to sit with them for a short period of time which was nice.

I did not go to the AGM at Tower this year as it would have been too rushed.

In the evening Mohammad and I went to visit our friend Jeff in the Hamilton General and had a nice visit with him.  He may have to stay in a little longer than he wanted to and I suspect he wants to get back to his regular life.  As is usual, we had our regular banter back and forth which we both enjoy.

On that note, had better close for now.  It was a very busy day yesterday but I am satisfied that it was a good day.  It was great to see Jeff not looking as bad as I feared and to see that he was in high spirits.

Today will also be busy, I am being taken out for Mother's Day for lunch which will be very enjoyable I am sure.

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