Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday mornings observations

I decided that I had better check the hospital bag that I have packed since my stay for two months at the Henderson.  Seven years have passed since that fateful day I went innocently into the hospital for a routine hip replacement and ended up staying for two months due to a cardiac arrest and an infection which I received while recuperating there.

I had not taken that bag out to check it since I packed it seven years ago and had some worries that things may not be right within its green canvas frame.

My cats all seemed to enjoy sleeping on top of it throughout the years, it being packed with soft things for the hospital.  First off was the piles of hair with a wet rag, then a stiff brush to take any remaining illusive hairs which might persist in staying!  The battle of the hair conquered, I proceeded to take out everything from the inners of the bag and wash everything that is washable and check my address book to see how up to date it is.  I have packed a wonderful writing pad with a fantastic patterned cover with pens ready to go in case I got some inspiration.  All was well there.  It just needed a little spiffing up and a second large pad within it and fresh pens to make it complete.

I then proceeded to check the cosmetic bag which I bought many years ago and which I love as it is beautiful and pleases me artistically.  I just need to put more hand cream in it and we are good to go.

I tossed all the washable items in the washing machine and they are now ready to hang up to dry so that is done.All that remains to do for the overnight bag is to put my cell phone charger into the bag and we're all set to go.

On the day of the surgery, I need to bring my CPAC machine as well.  That suggests to me that I may be kept in overnight.  On this operation, there is a 24 hour time after one leaves the hospital where one should not be alone.  Ken, my son, will sleep over that night and Mary, my Toronto friend, will come for a few days to take care of me if I need it.

I am looking forward to seeing my old pal and, of course, I appreciate my son being there for the 24 hours.  He will keep the overnight bag and the CPAC machine with him during the operation.  I know my dear neighbours will help me as well.  They are great guys.  I am so thankful to God for all the blessing I have in my life and the good and true friends that I have.

I plan to clean the apartment within an inch of its life so that it will be looking okay to come back home to.

On that note, had better get cleaning.  Some English poet friends of mine and I plan to go for a walk/hike at Princess Point this afternoon.  I sure hope that we can go as I love it down there.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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