Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Hand of God

As the time draws nearer for the surgery, my inventive mind concentrates on the problem of the anesthetic not working on me.  I have written it down, verbally told the pre-op team at McMaster Hospital and even have typed out in large print a sign stating about the anesthetic and it not working two times before.  I will carry this in my purse and attach it to me after I get undressed so there will be no chance of somebody forgetting.

Human error is always possible and I am doing my utmost to make sure I do not slip through the cracks again and suffer as I did before.

I was deleting old emails when I came across a neighbour who wanted to rent my parking spot and by chance sent him an email asking if he still wanted it when it became available on August 1st.  As it turns out, they found another one fortunately for them. I mentioned to him that he would not see me in the hall of our floor for a day or so as I was going in for surgery.

He emailed me back and asked what the surgery was.  I had forgotten that he was a doctor.  I told him and here is where the Hand of God and the Mercy of God has come in so strongly.

He will be working himself in that unit and will speak to the operating doctor to make sure he knows about the situation and he will also come and visit me on the ward after the surgery.

He is a wonderful young fellow, a good neighbour and we have always gotten along very well.  It is such a relief to know that he will be helping.

My anxiety level has gone down considerably as he is a dedicated and good person.  My team will most likely consist of Ali, Sachin and others.  I like the fact that it will be an international team of doctors originally from India, an Arab country and of course, doctors born here.

I am so blessed to have so many people of different cultures as friends and it is reassuring to be surrounded and cared for by so many decent and good people.

Today I will go to the club to hang out and perhaps have lunch and tomorrow, weather permitting, I will walk by the water which is always so calming for me.

God has never let me down in all my years - sometimes I have had to wait and wait till the last moment but He has always come through.

Sometimes I didn't care for the answer and wished it were otherwise, but over time, saw that although it looked like a very negative thing for me on the surface, it was to my benefit over the long range plan.  We humans only have a limited vision, mostly through our own experiences in life as well as those close to us.

I have lived long enough to see what look like really bad experiences at the time, have turned out to be lessons I needed to grow in spirit and to learn to trust in God.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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Conrad DiDiodato said...

I'll be thinking of you during your operation, Wilma. I wish you a speedy recovery.