Monday, May 27, 2013

Fifty Point Conservation Area & ArtWord/Artbar

What a busy day it was for me yesterday, but oh so nice!  My energy has started to return and this certainly lifts my spirits!

The day itself started off wonderfully well with sunshine and warmth but no humidity to make it miserable.  I went to St. Paul's in the morning and went downstairs for coffee after the service and to chat with folk.  Several people came up to me to ask how I was feeling which was very nice of them.  There was a virtual feast there with sandwiches and even some sweets left over from a concert.  Most enjoyable.

Jeff, my poet friend, called as arranged and we each brought a lightweight chair and a few nibbles and went to sit by the water.  This was planned since our mutual hospital days, and it was a very quiet and nice time.  We went to Fifty Point Conservation Area which I had never been before and had always wanted to see.  It is beautiful out there.

Here are some pictures.

A wonderful spot to sit - in the shade

A photo - caught unaware and very natural

Jeff brought along his ukulele and sang several songs for me which I really enjoyed.  It was extra special heard in the fresh air!  I told him that for my next party in two year's time, he needs to play for the guests.

We sat near the pond where fishing is allowed
It made me so happy to see families play together, fish, and spend quality time just relaxing in the great outdoors.  There was one family in particular which interested me.  Two little boys and the parents.  The boys brought back memories for me of when my son was their age.  I am so blessed to have a family myself.  I can revisit memories by looking at pictures in my photo book, and in the later years after they were all grown up, on the digital images on the computer.  I really must get my act together and put the many photos on CD's and label them.

We sat around, nibbled on the sweets we had brought, drank water and read our books that we had brought, conversing from time to time, but essentially just resting by the water.  A most peaceful and happy time for me.

View photo in message
Engrossed in my book, oblivious to what is going on

He very kindly invited me to ArtWord/Artbar to hear some music and before that, we went down to Pier 8 and had some ice cream.  Scoopes has moved which was quite a shock to me as I haven't been down there since the little bus stopped running in September.  Actually, they have expanded and gone into a very modern, clean environment which is more accessible for people in wheelchairs and walkers.

We drove over to ArtWord/Artbar in time for the opening musical act called The Euphonics and they were great, playing some of their own original work.  The second set of musicians included some of the first set and it was folk songs.  Their name was "What a Folk"  I was in my element and enjoyed everything so much.

It was so good to see Ron and Judith again and they were so welcoming.  Ron came over and sat with us for a few minutes.  The entrance fee for this concert was only $5.00 which was really reasonable.

The place was packed with very appreciative fans.  Jeff drove me home to the back entrance and helped me to lift the things out of the trunk.  I am still under a prohibition about lifting things. In any event, I am of the old school and think a gentleman should assist a lady in such things.

It was way past my bedtime - got to bed around 12 midnight but well worth it.

All in all, a most enjoyable time spent with a good friend.

Today both of us go to the hospital for follow up appointments at about the same time.  I am going by DARTS and he will probably take his car.  Neither one of us knew that we had similar appointments at the same hospital.

He also will take me to the poetry event in June out in Stoney Creek.  Another thing to look forward to.  I am so happy that my mood has improved - it must have been the lack of sunshine and the long winter months.  I think I will be able to start writing again.  I have to edit a poem sent by a gentleman in Bahrain so perhaps that will get me started again.  Let us hope so.

Some more pictures from Fifty Point.

Taken from our sitting spot

Jeff posing near the pond.
My pal,  the Frieslander.
What a totally grand day it was.

Thanks for dropping by.

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