Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Visitors on very cold days!

How brave some people are going out in this frigid cold!   I, myself, have not been out since Monday as I really feel the cold now that I am older.

Today I had a friend come for coffee.  I am advertising my jewellery business in her magazine, Perspectives Magazine. Since she was downtown on business, she dropped in to pick up the rest of her money for the ad. 

I took a nice picture of her with my new camera which is posted here with her permission.

Monique Berry, publisher of Perspectives Magazine

She is very good with cameras and showed me quite a few functions which I was not aware this little machine could do.

As a special treat, I served coffee with whipped cream in it.  Try it some time, it is absolutely heavenly!

We had a lovely chat and visit.  For more information on this good little magazine, please go to:
Some of my own short stories have been published in this  magazine.  I send in stories that are from the perspective of an object and for me, they are fun things to write about. Check it out, if you have the time, to see this different type of magazine.

Now onto other things.

Yesterday, my young friend Rahel came for lunch and the afternoon.  I had made an economical dish consisting of  noodles with fried garlic,onions, a little curry and a little cardamon.  We both loved it!  I always can tell if somebody enjoys it as they take a second helping which we both did!

She has a cousin in the Yukon Territories and my telephone plan with Cogeco covers that area so she was able to chat with her family members in her language.  I was very happy that she was able to catch them home. 

The happy talker

Rahel chatting with her family in the Yukon Territories

What a real blessing it is to have my long distance covered in Canada, I can chat with my friends in Montreal, Lachine, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and good old Toronto.

Tonight I might go out, I am not sure as it is very cold.  I might take my story  for its final critiquing before I sent it in to the Toronto Star Contest.  I find it very helpful to get the male point of view as many of the writers in the group are men.  They think so very different from women.

I have researched it very thoroughly with the help of friends in the Pakistani community in Toronto,as well as my dear Wally who is in the accounting field. 

It would be so amazing even if I came third place, as the competition will be fierce.  My former job as a newspaper reporter has helped me in ferreting information out to make my creative stories very factual.

Monique took this picture with my new camera. She did a real good job.
The beautiful cup was a gift from an engaged couple for my 21st birthday

Thanks for dropping by and come again some time, if you wish.

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