Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday's news - Valentine's Day

All in all Valentine's Day was a fabulous day for me!  Got some good news from my son on his business venture which will lead to better things He has worked so hard on his company and now results are beginning to show.   Take a look -    Civi-Side.Com

I saw my beloved cadiologist at the Henderson Hospital.  She is one of my favourite people!  The hospital has really been given a beautiful make over.  I couldn't get over how nice it looks. Bright and airy, lots of chairs for people to sit and easy to find the Ambulatory Care Section.

Dr. H. was her usual sweet self and we chatted for a few minutes.  I had made her one of my leather creations with faux pearls in wire work and she liked it so much she put it on.

I will never forget how wonderful she was in my two month stay at Henderson Hospital and the wonderful care she has given me for the last five years.  I wish more doctors, particularly the male doctors would learn how to relate to their patients less clinically and more as human beings.  That alone would help heal the patient!  I saw a wonderful DVD yesterday on Poetry and Healing. Interns and Residents were taught to use words  to write down their feelings.  The DVD showed how this benefited both doctors and patients. 

I am reminded of a young intern who was part of the team of doctors who came to see me in Intensive Care.  He looked so much like my son that I instinctively felt drawn to him.  Kenny was stuck in
France and unable to get home.  This young man always smiled at me and said hello.  I think he may have been of Indian background.  What a beautiful soul that young man had.  Just to see him smiling at me was a comfort.

Dr. H and Dr. W. and so many other hospital nurses and staff are forever printed in my heart and brain, as so much kindness was shown to me at Henderson.  It was Dr. W., my surgeon, who saved my life after the Code Blue.  He worked ten minutes on me all alone before the other doctor's could get there.  He told me much later on, that he had never worked so hard in his life!

Dr. H. and I had a lovely little chat and she asked me what I was working on now in my creative writing and I told her.  She gave me some expert advice on what goes on in the Emergency Room when a person comes in with chest pains.  She also wants me to send her my story via e-mail.  It made my day to see her smiling face!
It always lifts my spirits up when I see her. 

After I got home, I heard that the weatherman was calling for flash freezing on Monday night or Tuesday so I took my DVD's back that I had finished.

My trusty camera to the ready, I took some shots which are below.

There are several different types of fish in the tanks.


Note the little fish to the right

These fish tanks are located in the Childrens Department on the first floor.  While I was there saying hello to the very nice librarian, I took some shots of the empty market.

Shot from the childrens section of the library

It seems so strange to see it empty

The market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.

Here are some displays of the library's Valentine cards.

Note the different types of cads

I really enjoyed seing all the cards from yesteryear as well as current cards.  I find that the library does a great job of themes.  It is one of my favourite spots to visit in Hamilton.

To top off the day, which already was fantastic, I got a call from Andrew asking me to join them for Chinese food at the restaurant.  What a lovely surprise!

We went to the Mandarin but even early (5 p.m.), there was a 45 minute waiting period so I remembered that my friend Jennifer told me about Chan's which is also on Upper James.

We decided to go there instead of waiting and it was just as nice as the Mandarin and a little less expensive.

Needless to say, I still had my trust camera with me so here are some shots.

Andrew took this lovely shot of Rahel and I

Rahel  at Chan's Restaurant

Thanks for reading my blog and drop by again some time.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy life!

Oh, another thing, I forgot to mention, I sold my lovely Amethyst pendant to my neighbour.  She fell in love with it.  I was thinking of keeping it for myself but she liked it so much, I decided to sell it.

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