Thursday, February 3, 2011

The lack of manners on some people

As the weather was very pleasant out today, in contrast to yesterday; with the sun shining, the snow still glistening where the traffic has not soiled it, I decided to take my DVD's back to the library and look at the market again.

On my way, I saw a lady fall from the bus back door into a snowbank which was quite high.  Her feet were still in the door and the door started to close.  I yelled so the driver would not take off with her being dragged and put my walker aside and pulled her with all my strength to safety.

I am just glad that I saw it happen and that I was there, but it would have been a nice thing to say "thank you" to me.  All this person did was  brush herself off and go.  It reminded me of the time when I was on an escalator in Toronto in the subway system and this frail old lady started to fall.  I was younger then by about 15 years and thought I was strong enough to catch her.  Unhappily for me, we both ended up falling and to give you a word picture of what happened, I was the whale and little little bird like lady was the bird on top of it.

Happily for her, she was not hurt and thankfully for me, a fellow heard my yells and turned off the escalator before my scarf was caught in the teeth of the machine.  I ended up going by ambulance to St. Joseph's hospital and being in an arm cast for several weeks.  At least this little person said thank you and then sped off!

I sometimes despair of human nature.  Then somebody does something nice and I have hope again!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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lorely said...

I'm thankful for HOPE too...just wrote about it on my poetry blog...