Monday, February 7, 2011

Some shots from the library of the Farmer's Market

I am just catching up on my blog now.  On Saturday I went to visit the library and then dropped into the children's section to take pictures from the windows there of the new Farmer's Market.

In spite of the fact that they are through a window looking down, I think they are fairly good.

This is the entrance to the new library which is very close to the Farmer's Market

Please observe the clock hanging from the ceiling  It is the old Birks clock and it now works

A shot taken from the library windows

Tried to take different sections of the market

Farmer's Market (Birks Clock)

I didn't need anything.  For those who have mobility issues, the Farmer's Market now has an elevator which will take you into the basement where many of the stalls are located. 

This is a display in the children's section of the library

Yet another one

The library is very welcoming to children, having a special section there with fish tanks and day care furniture.  Parents always must accomplish their children.  The librarian there is such a delightful lady, I go in sometimes just to see her smiling face and say hello.  It is my joy to see children interacting with each other and with their parents. 

Now onto a completely different subject.  I did abit of jewellery making on Saturday as well and here is two tourquoise tear drops which I wired ready to be strung on a chain.

Tourquoise tear drop pendant

Rose Quartz stone wirewrapped with copper and silver plated wire.  A chunky look.

Same one against a different colour background

Would it be my blog, without some reference to the cats?

Shall close for now, thanks for dropping by.  Come again some other time, if you wish.

I always welcome comments.

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