Friday, February 25, 2011

The Storm has arrived

Good Morning,

Upon opening my sleep-crusted eyes, groping my way  to the washroom to fulfil nature's call, I opened the curtains which shut the world away from me for the night.  I found a winter wonderland out there!

Snow, being driven by the wind, is coming down with such a force that it appears to be unending.  It almost obscures the tall high rise buildings near me. My old eyes peer downward to the parking lot under my window.  Only a few brave souls have come so far. Their cars are turning from their original colour to pure white.  It is a lovely sight as an observer from high in the sky.  Not so lovely when the owners come out and have to brush the snow off their windows in order to drive! 

I see the buses faithfully running, their drivers in control. I don't believe that I have ever seen Hamilton's bus service cancelled due to a winter storm.  I do know that DARTS, the transport for disabled people, have been cancelled from time to time. I once asked a driver why they cancelled, as downtown is never as bad as the mountain area, and she told me it was because of the scooters and the wheelchairs.  Snow banks make it almost impossible to disembark passengers and puts everybody at risk.

So far, I don't see too many people out on the street, but perhaps they already are at work. I hear a siren as the vehicle speeds to its emergency situation.  Living downtown is an exciting adventure in so many ways.  I really like it as I can look out of my window day or night, and there is life.

I am very thankful that I cancelled my hospital appointment for today. I would not do well out there battling the storm. Icy patches, hidden under white loose snow, are a danger to all people but for older folk, they are something to be avoided at all costs!  As one ages, I have observed that mobility, eyesight, and hearing can be issues. Falling snow is so beautiful and yet at the same time, there is danger.  I personally love walking when the snow is drifting down,  its delicate flakes hitting my face and nose, melting quickly from my body heat.  My crocheted green and brown woollen hat, protects my head. My dark jacket quickly changes colour, as the gentle flakes coat it's surface. There is so much beauty in freshly fallen snow.

I am most thankful for my training from the Province of Quebec and its harsh winters.  Through experience, I learned to be prepared with food and get things done before a predicted storm.  I am sure Northern Ontario people would have the same knowledge.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.  I hope you have enjoyed the description of a winter storm, especially those of you who are living in more temperate areas.

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