Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday's events

I went to the planning committee for the World Day of Prayer service this morning.  The programme is written by the women of Chile. 

It will be held at City Hall again, after a four year period of being held in four different churches in the downtown area.

All religions are welcome to attend on March 4th.  There always is a nice luncheon after which the different participating churches provide.  There is no cost to attend but there is a free will offering to help various programmes which assist groups who aid people.

This afternoon, I took a friend over to the library and showed her the new library and she was quite impressed.  I showed her where things are now and how to check her materials back in.  The library staff showed her how to check them. 

We stopped off for a hot chocolate after the library visit.

She wants me to show her some more of my jewellery designs when I make some more as she is interested in purchasing more.

On a very sad note, there is a vigil for a woman tonight at Wellington and Cannon.  She was a panhandler and was murdered this week by persons unknown.  I hope that the police can find the person who did this.  She used to come to the Freeway coffee house to warm up and visit.  I have seen her but did not know her.  At first I thought it was another Laurie who is a regular there but thankfully that Laurie is safe.

The Freeway coffee house is run by the Salvation Army and is a drop in center.  There is a Seniors Club there and various other groups hold their meetings there as well.  Mostly, from what I have seen, people can just come and sit and chat with other people.  They also can buy light snacks.

On another note, I am going with Rahel to an Orientation Meeting at the V.O.N.  in the near future which soon which should be interesting.  I will be working on their newsletter to give them a hand.

I feel very tired tonight for some reason so will close this blog with a big thanks for reading my blog.  Come back again, should you wish to.

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