Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tower Poetry Society Christmas Party 2010

Today our annual Christmas party was held at Rhoda's lovely home.  Quite a few people attended, although not all.

It was a potluck and one of the poets brought a bought cake with "Poets Rock" on it.  My poor pound cake was lost in the shadow of that wonderful cake.

The wonderful bought cake
Stella picked me up and we arrived a little early at Rhoda's place but she was ready for us in any event.  There is so much construction around that I almost hate to let people pick me up as it is such a trial getting through.

It was a very cozy event and we did something different this time.  People could read some of their work at the end of the party and several people did.  I particularly loved the children's story that Kay told us.  It was so great! 

Paul, our guest poet from England

Part of the group

Part of the group

Jeff holding up his latest publication about cats.

Valerie, our president, cutting the store bought cake

It was a very nice party and Rhoda was a great hostess.  Jeff brought me home as I didn't want Stella to have to go out of her way again, through all the construction going on. 

A great time!

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