Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dorothy Gordon's Party instead of a funeral

I just love this concept.  Dorothy chose to have a huge party while she is alive instead of a funeral. It was held at a lovely venue, the Yacht Club at the waterfront here in Hamilton, Ontario.

The room was crowded with many generations mingling.  From little babies to teenagers to much older folk. 

Dorothy has had a very interesting life and has achieved a great deal and done a lot of good in this world.

Many groups were represented there from the Agencies she has worked in and the various committees. 

Dorothy in the Air Force during the Second World War

The yummy cake celebrating her life
Several people told some wonderful stories of her and one man led a sing song.  I particularly enjoyed the Scottish lady who told stories about the Gordon Clan in her very Scottish voice.  She had everybody laughing.

Dorothy has worked on so many committees, taught at Mohawk College, and worked for the betterment of human life.  Through her work, an agency for families with children was started which is still going strong after 23 years if I am not mistaken.

Through it all, she has been a wife and mother, a teacher, a friend, a councillor, a grandmother, a great grandmother, an advocate for justice and the list could go on and on.

Portraits and snapshsots of Dorothy when she was younger

Part of the lovely refreshments

Dorothy's life in pictures

Thelma, Dorothy and Chris
I was fortunate enough to sit with two of these ladies and we had a lovely time chatting.  Both had lived in Toronto at one time so we were able to make conversation about that as we had never met before.

Barbara, Dorothy's daughter talking about her Mom

Dorothy replying

Thelma, Dorothy and Wilma
Many of her fellow Mohawk College teachers came as well as her buddies from the Air Force.  The teacher sang a halarious song about Dorothy which I enjoyed tremendously.

Mohawk College fellow teachers singing for Dorothy
A scene from the window of the water

Quite a different scene from my last visit - Andrew & Rahel's Wedding in the late Spring

It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and I was so touched to have been invited.  Thelma offered to bring me home.  I had gotten lost getting there, walking in the wrong direction, towards the Haida ship.  It was not too pleasant as it was pouring rain.  I finally saw somebody else walking and they pointed me in the right direction which was a long way away.  I was very glad to finally arrive at the Yacht Club. 

I had only been by car before but had decided to go by the #4 Bayfront bus.  It was quite a hike from the bus stop but at least it was not cold!

I was due at another party in the building but this one went on till after 5 so missed that party. 

Tomorrow I plan to have a restful day, work on one of my stories and finish the necklace I am doing for a friend.

Thanks for reading my blog about this wonderful human being, my friend Dorothy. 

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