Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church of the Ascension - Christmas Dinner

I was invited for a very festive occasion by a friend who goes to the Anglican Church.  It was quite a pleasant surprise when she suggested this idea and we were lucky to get tickets at the last moment.

The event started off with a Mix and Mingle from 5 p.m. where they had various nibbles and non-alcoholic punch as well as the other.  The interesting thing is that I recognized several people who attend the concerts at Whitehern in the group. This congregation was very welcoming and my friend Jennifer and I chatted with others while nibbling on the delicious  tidbits.

At 6 p.m., a turkey dinner was served with all the trimmings.  I was delighted to see turnip as well as mashed potatoes, peas cooked to perfection, cranberry sauce, gravy, rolls and butter.  It was served buffet style which was a good idea.  Apparently they had cooked three big turkeys for this occasion and there was plenty to go around.

Dessert was home made cookies and squares.  A birthday celebration with a huge cake was celebrated at this time for one of their members so this group had cake instead of cookies.  Everybody sang happy birthday to the birthday girl.  Very nice.

Coffee and tea followed.  We had very compatible people at our table and it was so nice to sit with them and enjoy their company. 

To me, the highlight was the children from the Suzuki School of Music and their performance.  These little ones (the youngest being five years of age) performed extremely well and were very serious musicians.  I see a bright future for them if they continue learning the violin.

They played many delightful Christmas carols and the audience showed their appreciation with loud applause.  I admire the patience of their two teachers.

To me, it was a very touching moment.  Here are several pictures of the  young children playing.  My friend Jennifer took these pictures.

The Suzuki School of Music

Another shot of the young children playing their violins - the smallest child is the little guy sitting down on the chair. He is just five years of age and learning to play the violin. 
Near the end of the event, those who had bought tickets for $1.00 received their prizes.  I was very fortunate and received two prizes, one a wooden tray and the other a beautiful glass serving plate.  Both will come in extremely handy for my parties.

This surprise evening was a delightful time, spent with nice people and what a joy to hear the children play so beautifully. 

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