Friday, December 10, 2010

Wilma's poetry salon

On Wednesday I invited six people to share poetry, knowledge of Sufism, and to meet a sufi poet who was visiting Canada from England. Her husband was invited as well, but was unable to make it this time.

It was a very good event and people were extremely compatible!  As usual, I baked quite a few goodies and made a delicious rice pudding topped with whipped cream.

Afifa, my Sufi friend from England reading from her book

Jeff and Boots. 

Rice pudding topped with whipping cream

We started off with tea and coffee and then Afifa explained about Sufism and showed the assembled people how to do Zikar.  It ran 45 minutes and gave the guests a good overview of Zikar. She also explained about how she came to write her beautiful poetry book which includes her own gorgeous illustrations.  Her book is  called "Return"  Sufi Poems and Art by Afifa Ematullah. 

Rhona and I

The buffet table

The hostess with a sample of the baked goods
After the Zikar, which everybody listened respectfully to, we all had more refreshments including the delicious rice pudding which went over very well. 

Zikar, by the way, is what all Muslims do, using the Tasbiah as a reminder as they pray the ninety nine names of God.  (Attributes of God)  It is a very beautiful and peaceful thing to do.

It was the first time that any of the guests had met a person who was a Sufi.  I was very pleased with their respectful attitude towards her.

Wilma, Rhona, Afifa, Jennifer and Jeff (one lady did not wish to be on a blog, so her wishes are respected.)

Wilma and Afifa

Wilma and Afifa

Wilma, Afifa, Jennifer in front of the buildings Christmas tree
Afifa explained the practice of having a guide along the path of Sufism. The Shaikh is only that, a guide to help the person attain self awareness and to help them on the path to knowing God.  She described it as a grandfather helping his flock along the right path, if I remember rightly.

Afifa and I in front of the downstairs mirror.

Afifa, bundled against the cold.  Jennifer took this picture.

Exhausted but happy with the success of the party

Jennifer took this picture after the party I think
All in all, a very successful and worthwhile day.

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